Package org.jopendocument.dom

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ChildCreator A helper to create children in the schema order.
GraphicStyle See 14.13.1 Graphic and Presentation Styles.
GraphicStyle.StyleGraphicProperties Cf section 15.13 to 15.28.
ImmutableDocStyledNode<S extends StyleStyle,D extends ODDocument>  
Library A BASIC script library.
Log Logger for the framework.
ODDocument An ODF document, like a spreadsheet or a text file.
ODEpoch The null date of an OpenDocument.
ODFrame<D extends ODDocument> Represents a draw:frame, see 9.3 Frames.
ODMeta OpenDocument metadata, obtained through ODPackage.getMeta().
ODNode A node in an XML document.
ODPackage An OpenDocument package, ie a zip containing XML documents and their associated files.
ODPackageEntry An OpenDocument package entry, ie a file or folder inside a zip.
ODSingleXMLDocument An XML document containing all of an office document, see section 2.1 of OpenDocument 1.1.
ODXMLDocument An OpenDocument XML document, like content.xml ou styles.xml.
OOXML Various bits of OpenDocument XML.
Style A style, see section 16 of v1.2-part1.
StyleDesc<S extends Style> Describe a family of style.
StyledNode<S extends Style,D extends ODDocument> A node with a style.
StyleStyle A style:style, see section 14.1.
StyleStyleDesc<S extends StyleStyle> Describe a family of style.
XMLFormatVersion Encapsulate a version of xml and its office version.

Enum Summary
ContentType Main types as defined in section 2.3 of OpenDocument 1.1
ContentTypeVersioned A ContentType of a certain version.
LengthUnit Units of length.
ODPackage.RootElement Root element of an OpenDocument document.
ODValueType A type of value, as per 16.1 "Data Types" and 6.7.1 "Variable Value Types and Values"
XMLVersion Encapsulate all namespaces for a particular version of xml.

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